Daily Archives: 08/05/2017


The National CSR Foundation thanks all NGOs and non-profit organisations who have submitted the Project Proposals as at the closing date for our first batch on 2 May 2017. The proposals are being processed and project owners will be contacted in due course.
Following representations from stakeholders, the National CSR Foundation has decided to accept a second batch of Project Proposals from NGO and non-profit organisations who have not yet submitted any proposal.

Filled Application Forms for Project Proposals together with attached documents may be sent by post to National CSR Foundation, 7th Floor, Garden Tower, La Poudrière Street, Port Louis. You may also collect and/or submit the documents at the same address during office hours.

The closing date for the second batch is Friday 12 May 2017, 16.00 hours.
For more information, please phone 405 5152 or 405 5169 (office hours)

The National CSR Foundation reserves the right to approve projects within its guidelines subject to availability of funds.

National CSR Foundation 4 May 2017